Monday, July 23, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey guys! It's a really exciting day for us here on Give1. We've got three new sites live with new families on them. You can check out Give1 Domestic, Caribbean, and Asia (coming soon) now. They're not perfect yet, still tweaking, but go ahead and check them out. Subscribe by email to get updates with each post. Give however you can wherever you can.

So, like I said earlier last week, that covers most countries. We're still missing a European blogger, so we're happy to host a European adoption whenever we need to (and right now we need to). So let me introduce you to the Brintons. You may already know Sara as she's a major Noonday gal. In fact, she's been training some of the gals in Rwanda for the big Noonday/Matilda Jane collaboration (which I am patiently freaking out over). Well, say hello to the Brinton family.

They are adopting Lana and will be traveling to bring her home. The clock is ticking and this week they need $2500 to happen. Do you think we can help out with that? I do. Just give what you can and share. Your shares are SO helpful.


  1. Do we know how their fundraising is at this point?

  2. Well, it was at $86 last time we checked. Every dollar is appreciated.

  3. I donated earlier and I'll repost again to all our friends!!!