Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're Growing!

Hey Guys,

Big news on the Give1 front too! In a few weeks when you type in give1save1 it's going to take you to a world map. If you're an Africa fan you'll just click on the Africa, but if you happen to have other adoption interests (and so many of us do), you'll have several new blogs to follow and new regions to learn about and support. We hope that Give1 will soon become not just a goofy passtime, but also a resource for adopters.

The domestic adoption blog will be run by one of our own past featured mamas, Bonnie Kulenkamp.

Of course we'll be looking for families to feature right away, so if you or someone you know needs an application, send an email to Bonnie at onesweetworld67@gmail(dot)com.

Lindsay Morris is heading up the Caribbean blog. 

You can reach Lindsay at for an application.

We'll also be featuring Asia on their own blog. Asia has been ridiculously successful on this blog and they totally deserve their own space.

Tonya Garrick is pioneering that one. Email her at for an application.

We're still looking for someone to take on Europe and I think that'll round us out. Anyone else who's not represented (like if you're adopting from Antarctica, perhaps) will hook up with one of us for a week. We're about to break open the adoption world! I'd love it if you could help spread the word to all your friends that might be interested. We'd love to start out with a bang!!!


  1. Exciting stuff! Thanks for all you do Beth!

  2. Forwarded this to my sister and told her to apply for writing for Asia!

    My husband often tells people that we are adopting one child from every continent...and a penguin! So, he can write for Antartica.

  3. So excited about this!! Thank you so much!!