Monday, July 16, 2012

New Week, New Family

Good morning, all! I hope you had a good weekend. We did! More on that tomorrow. Today we're here to talk about the Crocketts. They have just adopted Kalkidan from Ethiopia and are waiting to go pick her up and need some plane money.  I love it when they pass court cause I can show a picture! Don't you love that?! Me too. Here she is. Adorable, right?!

So if you'd like to hear more about the Crocketts (still unfolding) journey, visit their blog. And if you'd like to donate, do that here. And as a super added bonus, they have a friend who will be matching their Give1Save1 grant this week. So donate away!!!

***So far you guys have donated $1910 to Kalkidan's adoption***

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