Monday, July 30, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey guys,

I'm so pleased to introduce you to the Hauschildt family today. They are in a bind and need some back-up. We're talking prayers (far more importantly) and dollars. And prayers for dollars. All that. Because they have a little boy in Africa that's theirs and they can't pass court. Things aren't lining up right and it's going to take a private attorney to cut through some red tape. They've been matched with this toddler since he was a baby, months and months. They've visited him several times, but they can't get him home. Could we all please just stop and pray for this family. For their hearts and for that little boy. And pray that God will miraculously and quickly and fiercely tear down any walls that the enemy has put up to keep him in that orphanage.

And as we all know, lawyers are expensive. Adoption's expensive, but extra lawyers and multiple travel trips... that just takes resources. Can you throw a dollar (or 2 or 3) their way to ease that particular hardship? Thanks. Y'all are the best.

***So far you guys have blessed this family with $411!***

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