Friday, December 9, 2011


So you may have noticed Give1 has another blogger. That’s me! I’m Lindsay Hirth. My husband and I have been married four years, and we have a son who is two and a half.

My husband and I went to Ethiopia just after we got married. We like to say that we went there for our honeymoon, but the trip was also work-related. Our trip to Ethiopia really inspired us. We were inspired by the beauty of the land, the generosity of its people, and the rich culture. Ultimately, we were inspired to (eventually) return to Ethiopia…this time to adopt a girl.

[caption id="attachment_1011" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I am still inspired by Ethiopian women who carry water for hours each day. It's HEAVY."][/caption]

I have been blogging about adoption for a while. And when I discovered Give1, I was inspired once again. (Keep in mind that Beth is currently out of town with her family, and she doesn’t have Internet access, so she can’t see that I’m about to embarrass her.) Through this blog, Beth has done more for orphans in Africa than any one person I know. She is helping families offset the costs, and in doing so, she is helping more children find the families they need, freeing up orphanage beds for kids living in the street. Beth is doing this for no other reason than she felt called to do it (and she was given the talent to make it happen).  She inspires me with her passion and creativity (seriously, have you checked out her other blog?). She inspires me with her immense generosity…she doesn’t make a penny from this, her 2nd full time job.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with Beth off and on over the last few months, and I am in awe of how Give1 has grown. Thanks to you, families are hitting the $1,000 mark more and more. Thanks to your passion and networking, the audience is growing and growing. So when Beth asked me to start blogging for Give1, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to do more to help orphans and adoptive families come together, and working with Beth and Give1 is the most inspiring opportunity I could have asked for.

And families like the Harshmans are inspiring us all. They’re sharing their hearts and stories. They inspire some people to answer the call to adopt, and they inspire more people to open their hearts to care for orphans through financial gifts and prayers.

Truly, this movement is inspiring.

So let’s show the Harshmans how much they’ve inspired us. Let’s blast that donate button and wrap up the Harshmans’ week on a great note!


  1. I love getting updates on how much money is being raised... Go Harshmans!

  2. Well said Lindsay! Many people have no idea the countless hours Beth puts into Give1Save1. This whole blog was her brain child that she came to me and stated "I HAVE AN IDEA......if people would give one dollar to each family it would take a huge load off for each adoption." I said go for it and knew it would grow because of the passion Beth put into this blog. Her love for the Lord is the fuel for this fire and that is what has made it what it is. Thank you Lindsay for telling others about Beth and giving her a pat on the back. She deserves it, even if she does not realize it! Destiny