Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warby Parker

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Hey everybody! So am I the last one to know about these glasses and this awesome company?! Just in case I'm not, let me share. This, my friends, is Warby Parker, a truly impressive company that sells glasses. They are a buy one give one company. I love that. Can't get enough of that. But they have a million other reasons to love them. Ok, I'll start with 5.

1. They are $95.

2. They are super cute. I've got my eye on this pair. Though I'm pretty well in love with these too.

3. You can try them on for FREE in your own home. They ship them to you (up to 5 frames) and you keep them for 5 days. For free. No shipping or anything.

4. They match your face shape with the glasses that look best on you on their cool website.

5.  When you buy a pair, one pair is distributed to Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

So, I urge you to go check out this cool cool thing. I'm really impressed. Have I said cool too much? That's not cool anymore, is it? Dang it.


  1. Oh no. I had JUST convinced myself that I didn't need a new pair of glasses...

  2. Very cool! :) And I do need a new pair of glasses. Mine have been held together with a band for a good year now (tape before that!). Ha!

  3. Ok. I am suddenly super excited for my daughter's prescription to change ... Yay!