Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shopping for Good.

It's that time of year. Time to shop. Here's another few faves to add to my Christmas list. Or whoever's.

I'm freaking out over Sseko's latest... the pleated clutch. They are amazing. I want this blue one. I think. 

Wait, no! I want this one! I don't know which one I want!!!

I also have a couple of adoption tees that require a second look. And they both happen to come from future Give1 families. So if you buy from them you're giving straight to their adoptions.

This is a beautiful, comfy tee designed by one of my favorite artists,Kal Barteski, on behalf of the Sanford family. More on both Kal and the Sanfords in a few weeks, but for now, you can shop here.

Another awesome tee that I own. It's long and comfy and has a flattering cut. I'm sorry. I won't even wear an adoption shirt with a high neck. :) This one is super cute on.

Happy shopping. Come on back tomorrow for a delicious recipe share from Mama Harshman.



  1. I just heard about you through my friend Alisa. What an awesome blog/idea! Let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you! Side note: So blessed to be an adoptive mother myself. <3

  2. Whaaaat?! Megan from Shabby Blogs, are you talking to ME?! Um, blushing. Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I'll email you!

  3. Omigosh. Shabby Blog girl is talking to Beth, and I know Beth, so I'm a degree separated, right? Megan, I (and 90% of us bloggers who love Give 1) LOVE Shabby Blogs! I just discovered the wealth of treasures/freebies in the blog. Between those and FotoFlexer, I can now fake my way through layout.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog somehow and I just love it. What a wonderful idea. My husband and I are feeling called to adoption so we are in the beginning stages of trying to figure everything out. Thank you for your work and support of adoption - such a blessing.

  5. Hey Megan! Congratulations! There is a great new site out that helps weed through some of that beginning stage. It's called and offers all kinds of info for every stage of the game. Check it out!