Friday, December 2, 2011

Inspiring Kids to Give

Your giving this week for the Mortellite family has been truly awesome. You have shown that people can make a huge difference in the lives of others, and we have been so inspired watching you lift up this family and care for orphans.

So how can such wonderfully giving grown-ups inspire their kids to have that giving spirit, too? Here are some fun ideas:

  • Lead by example and show your kids how to live a giving life. Volunteer and bring your kids if it's appropriate. Or choose a family cause and stay active.

  • Before (or maybe after) they rip into their Christmas presents, ask your kids to gather up old clothes and toys they don’t use anymore. Bring the kids with you to donate the items to the local thrift store.

  • Pick an Angel from the Salvation Army tree, and have your kids help you pick out presents. Be sure to tell your kiddos how great it is to give to others. (And maybe you could take them to see Santa after you drop the gifts off at the Mall.)

  • After learning that some kids don't get enough to eat, my friend’s three-year-old son started "Pennies for Parker" to buy food for the local food pantry. He raised more than $300 (with the help of mom and dad) by collecting change from friends and neighbors. (That story still warms my heart.)

  • Or try something simple, like Christmas gifts. Help your kids pick out small Christmas presents for each other (or Mom and Dad). They’ll be beaming on Christmas morning when they see the joy giving can bring.

  • Start a new family tradition...with Kiva! is a great site that allows people to become microlenders. Your family can browse projects around the world and select one to fund. And as "microfinance" would suggest, you can invest a small amount of money (even $25) to make a big impact. The intent is that recipients will pay back the microloan you provide, so you can reinvest that money in another project, and then another, etc. This giving activity also serves as a great business lesson for your older kids.

For more ideas or to make giving a central part of your family, check out these neat books:


- Lindsay

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