Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recipes for Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is almost here. And this year, I want to do something special, maybe even start a new tradition. Perhaps I’m being inspired by The Family Stone and Meredith’s Morton Family Tradition Strata. So I came up with some recipe ideas.

First, I’ve always wanted to try this Rachael Ray recipe for prosciutto and eggs cooked in muffin tins. I’ve also seen this recipe mimicked with ham slices (easier to find and cheaper than prosciutto). And you could use herbed cream cheese instead of mozzarella cheese to add some more flavor. Either way, what a clever idea!

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If your family is more of a sweet than savory breakfast crowd, perhaps you could flatten cinnamon roll dough and press them into muffin tins. For the filling, add some baked apples and cranberries (for 6 servings, sauté 4 or 5 chopped apples and a cup of cranberries in some butter, brown sugar, and a dash of vanilla). Bake the apple cinnamon cups for 10 minutes at 375 degrees or until the dough is golden.

What do you serve on Christmas morning? Share your recipes and fun traditions in the comments!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! Thank you for making this year so merry and bright for so many families and the children who need them. You have shown that giving, even just $1, really does make a difference.

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  1. oh, yum. we are so doing the apple cranberry rolls! thanks, lindsay!