Friday, January 6, 2012

Between Friends

When I heard about how we were going to surprise this week’s family on Give1, I was super pumped. I love surprises! I loved that Missy was boarding a plane to see her kiddos for the first time, and in the meantime, her friend Chrissy was making her video for Give1 behind her back.

Well, our cover was blown. This is from Missy’s blog:

“I was not supposed to know about this. But on my way out the door to Ethiopia, I found out that two women I have never met [Beth and Chrissy] had secretly stayed up late into the night preparing the surprise of a lifetime for my family.”

Wait, What? Missy and Chrissy have never met? (Even their names make you think they’re twins!) How cool!  These two women were sharing the fundraising spotlight with each other, not out of obligation or some friendly expectation…just simply because they wanted the other to be able to afford their adoptions…to bring home the children God had found just for them…children who desperately need them. What a beautiful friendship.

Super secret surprise or not, I love that we (the Give1 family) were able to be a part of this story. Let’s wrap up the week by showering blessings on Missy and her growing family. Let’s give $1, $5, $12…whatever we can to make this leap of faith (the adoption process) easier for Missy’s family.

By the way, Missy and Chrissy will meet for the first time next week…“on the other side of the world, as we stand together in court to claim our children.”

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