Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Family

Wow, what a year 2011 was. You guys brought in over $21,900 for 17 families since August! WOW! Just wow. I don't have good words for that. Except I'm humbled. I'm impressed. And I'm excited about this year because we are just getting started!!! So let's do it.

This week has a super exciting twist. See, Mama is on her way to Ethiopia tomorrow and she has no idea she's currently being featured on this blog. Her dear friend, Chrissy Jensen, was scheduled to be on (because Missy nominated her). But then the Jensens were blessed with 10K in one day and thought surprising Missy might be a fun idea instead. I couldn't agree more. So Chrissy made her video (which i adore so much). I am so moved by both of these families and their beautiful friendship. This is going to be fun...


I adore Mama Missy. Her blog is soooooo well written. Not like this one, where the author has to use extra letters in one word to convey strong emotions. :) Check it out to be inspired.

This week the donating will take one more click, but it's totally worth it. Here's the scoop. Missy will be traveling to Ethiopia TOMORROW to meet her two babies (a 3 month old baby boy and a 6 month old girl). I can't wait to see updates when she gets home! So this week, while Missy is in Ethiopia cuddling her new sweeties, we will be blasting their paypal account and watching those dollars come in! We'll be heading over to their Charity Project site to donate so we can get updates on their donations. She won't even know how much they have. But we will! How fun is that?! So go donate and spread the word. And tell me how you like the Charity Project site. We set one up and love it. We might just all switch if you guys like it. I think it's cool. It really let's you get to know the family if you want to. And I love the comment section. It's my fave. Ok, enough talky. Let's bless this adoption. Ready, set, go.

And here's the regular paypal link if you want to do it that way. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this family.


  1. What a wonderful way to start the New Year! So excited for this surprise - and to see the outpouring of love and support multiplied. Love the way the Charity Project site keeps track of all the donations (and comments, too) so that each donation is listed.

  2. me too! i love the comments, and i'm a notorious 'total' stalker! i have no idea what it is about seeing the numbers climb... i just like it. :)

  3. Beth,
    Thank you so much for organizing this. I have always had the desire to do something, ANYTHING to help these children, but God has not yet laid it on my heart or my husband's heart to adopt. I am so blessed being able to open email each week and tangibly give to someone who is being the hands, the feet and the love of Jesus. Thank you for blessing us, thank you for allowing God to work through you so that we can Give1 to Save1 :)

  4. I just love what you are doing here Beth! And I love how it worked to surprise this family! What a great New Year gift!