Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey Everybody! I hope you had a really restful weekend. We're taking it super easy over here and it's a little bit wonderful.

So, you ready to meet our new family? You're going to love these guys. I know I always say that. I just love all our Give1 peeps, don't you? Ok, here we go. Say hello to Emily and James Hapner. I'll let Mom tell you a little about their story.

Just over 15 Months ago we began talking about beginning a family.  Through much prayer and divine intervention, God made it known that His plan for our lives included adoption.  With much excitement and holy fear we started the process.  God said, “NOW” and so, with not a penny set aside for adoption we applied to our agency.  It was a whirlwind of activity and for months the flurry of paperwork didn’t stop.  We plowed ahead trusting in God, who’s plans are far bigger and better than ours.  As a teacher and a nurse we’re diligent in our work, however with college (loans!) not too far in our past, we didn’t have extra money (let alone $25,000) at hand.  However, God granted us an incredible team of supporters who cheered us on and invested in our journey.  We have done numerous fundraisers (online adoption auction, t-shirts, puzzle, Uganda necklaces, coffee, and concert) yet, we have still come up short. 

It’s been an incredible journey of faith--and in some ways it’s just beginning.  In the past year we’ve lost a referral of another little boy and we sat at my mom’s side as she was welcomed home into the arms of Jesus.  We’ve experienced incredible heartache and yet, God is refining us for His glory.  After all, this is His story....we simply get the pleasure of taking part. 

Today, I’m typing this staring into the eyes of our sweet boy---who’s pictures grace our computer screen.  Yes, we have our long awaited referral!!!    God is good and so faithful and through it all we have learned---again and again---joy comes in the morning and is so worth the wait.

Now you guys know why we're here: to support this family with sweet words, honest prayers, and dollar bills. Let's do it. Lift up this family and little Moses.

Donate your dollars, grab a Kleenex ( I am so not joking), and pop over here to see their video. And then help spread the word.

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