Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Project

Good morning, all! I hope you're doing well this week.

I wanted to tell you about something new that we're doing. You know how every few months or so we do a project? Well, now we'll just always have a project going on. It'll be something that has to do with orphan care. That's kind of our thing. So let me tell you a little about or current project. This is Emily Barton.

She has impressed me like crazy. Emily is fundraising to be able to go on a mission trip to Uganda this summer. She'll be spending a month there. Half of her time will be spent teaching abstinence to students her age, which is actually a crucial ministry everywhere. The rest of the time she'll be living and sharing the gospel in a camp with orphans and former child soldiers. I do think it's bold and brave to even do such a thing at all. I'm particularly taken with how effective she may be there just because of her willingness to go now. But it's not just that, either. She's been so responsible fundraising and keeping people informed. She has set up a Facebook page for her mission trip. In even doing that she's ministering to her friends stateside. She has been selling artwork, bracelets, and Tshirts in her Ordinary Hero shop. She is working so hard to get there! Really busting it! I would be honored to pick up the slack and help this girl do what she's been called to do.

Remember Katie? This is exactly what she did at this age, and look at the impact in Uganda she has made. Heck, look at the impact she has made everywhere! If she's going to be the hands and feet over there, we can help by being the... checkbook? Ok, I'm not fantastic at analogies, but you get my drift. My thought is that these people need to be reached and I'm not in a place to physically reach them myself right now. But if there is someone willing and able, I can at least help put a few of the dollars that God has put in my care towards spreading the Good News. That's the whole point, right? What's a better way to spend His money? I can't think of any. So if you'd like to donate to Emily's mission trip you can do so here. I'm sorry to bug you for another dollar. It's just that the more I spend on God's purposes the more I want opportunities to do it again. So maybe it's the same for you. :)

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