Thursday, January 26, 2012

Say a Little Prayer

I had planned to write a completely different post than what you're about to read. But I went to the Casper family's blog to snag a picture, and I was stopped in my tracks by Lauren Casper's most recent blog post. What she wrote was so much better than what I had planned. So I'm going to let her speak to what they need right now, before their Give1 week is over.

Just some prayers from me to Him. If you like you can join me. : )

  • Jesus please help me get well. Soon. I am a wimp. Every single inch of me hurts and I think my throat has turned into burning sandpaper. I have a little boy I need to love on, a home that needs cleaned, and meals that need to be made and frozen before I leave town.

  • Hold our little Ghana baby extra close right now. I miss him/her so much. It’s a familiar feeling… I had it with Mareto too. I don’t know the circumstances… maybe our little one is safe in the womb and there’s a battle raging for his/her life. Maybe our baby is brand new and hungry. Maybe he/she has yet to be conceived. Only you know God and only you can give the love and comfort I so long to be giving right now. This is heavy on my heart… please give me peace.

  • Funds. Oh adoption funds. I love/hate them. It’s amazing to see you work in our adoption through the body of Christ. It’s amazing to see you work in the hearts of others to bring in the funds for our little one. It’s nothing short of awe inspiring. And yet there is still this $20,000 mountain left. I wish it would be moved now. I wish it wasn’t in our way and potentially slowing us down. But, your timing is perfect and your will and best. Bring more people to pray and give and journey along side of us Lord. And help me to trust.

  • Hold my mother in law extra close tonight. Her mama went to be with you yesterday and while I know she is dancing in heaven with you… it’s still a bit hard for those of us left behind.

  • Let me be a woman after your heart. So many things are breaking it now – things I believe break your heart too. Show me how to pray and how to act. Use me where I am.

  • Mareto. My most precious gift from you. He’s having a little surgery next week and to be honest I am freaking out just a bit. I know you tell us not to worry but the very thought of anything happening to him makes me crazy. Please keep him safe and hold him through it all. Calm my fears. My mama heart hasn’t ever been through this. I scared. John tells me it is harder on me than Mareto. He might be right. Either way – we both need your help right now.

One more thing. John. Thank you for him. I don’t know how you chose me for him but I am so blessed. He has spent nearly every day for the past week at the nursing home loving on his mom and grandma. He spent all day yesterday helping his parents and making arrangements. Then he came home to care for Mareto while I hid in bed with a migraine. Then today he got up and went to work and spent all day preparing a sermon for tonight, then came home to give me an hour nap, then went back to preach. Now he is at the store getting me soup and medicine. He is amazing… and he could use a little rest and pampering himself. Bless him a little extra tonight.

This sweet family has been through a lot this week...a week that was supposed to be a move-mountains-and-awe-inspiring kind of week for them. So please do what you can to lift them up this weekend with your prayers and your dollars.

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