Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey Everybody,

I hope you had an awesome weekend. Ours has been a little strange. First off, I've been eating like a crazy person for a week due to birthdayness. I loved it, but now I'm just really full. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes, too, you guys. Today started at 3am. My husband ran (most of) the Houston Marathon, which is kind of a big honkin' deal. In mile 16, though, he injured his ankle and had to stop. Huge bummer. But he still rocked it and raised $775 for Living Water International, so he's still a rockstar obviously. But now, folks, I'm ready for a glass of wine  cup of tea, some Once Upon a Time, and a new family of the week! Allow me to introduce you.

This, everybody, is the Morris family. *Hi Morris family!* The are adopting a baby girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They've already received their referral for a beautiful baby girl who is 9 months old right now. This week we want to pray for this little girl, her nannies, her tiny little friends, and her new family waiting for her. And of course, we'd be honored to bless this family with a few of our dollars. This is our tiny part to play in the life of this orphan. A small offering to our Father who is working some beautiful stuff in the lives of this baby girl, her family, and us. I'm thankful for the opportunity.

If you're new here, let me tell give you the scoop. We're all going to give a dollar to the Morris' to help them adopt their baby with as little stress as possible. Financial stress is a whopper and we have the ability this week to just remove it. I hope we do. This week that'll take $4,000 so we'll need 4,ooo team members. The best thing you can do to help (after you donate your dollar, of course) is to spread the word on your blogs, your facebook page, and your twitter ... um, thingy. OK, I don't fully understand Twitter yet, but if you do, work it. :) Ready to change some lives? Me too. Here we go. Donate here.

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