Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey hey! Another week has come and gone and here we are on a Sunday afternoon again with a new family. I'd like to introduce you to The Elder family, Wynne and Stephen. You absolutely need to watch their adorable video and you'll love them instantly. See if I'm lying. I'm totally not.

Now, you may already know Wynne. She's sort of everywhere. You know those I <3 Camp shirts you see everywhere? That's them. You can buy one here. You know those amazing prints featured in her family video? You can get those here and the money will go to Project 61.  Oh, and you know how I love the Noonday collection? She's an ambassador. So if you're looking for a little retail therapy this week, look no further. Need a photographer to cover your adoption? Well, she's a photographer too. Check this video out. So yep, you might already know the Elders.

They are constantly helping others. That's their thing. And if it has to do with a love for orphans or Africa, Wynne's in the thick of it. I think that this week we can do a little something for them, though. Don't you think so? This is my favorite part. Ready? Let's help them bring home Camp. Donate your dollars right here.


  1. So excited for my sister Wynne and my brother in law Stevo! Ya'll AMAZE me everyday, LOVE YOU! So excited to support ya'll during this new adventure in your lives. Can't wait for baby Camp!

  2. Love to Wynne and Stephen and baby Camp. I am so happy to be a part of the truly amazing journey that the three of you are taking. And I can wait to love on that little boy! Hugs and love from Emmie

  3. That should read--I CAN'T wait to love on that little boy!

  4. Martha Elder
    As I watch the video daily, it reminds me of "waiting"for your wedding day to arrive! This amazing video is the perfect way to spread the news of your adoption story so I'm thankful that you are the NEW FAMILY this week! This grandmother is excitedly "waiting for sweet Camp" with a heart full of love for him and his precious parents!