Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scarves ARE fashionable!

I tend to wear a lot of scarves. There isn't another accessory that allows me to dress us the same white t-shirt (or grey...I'm versatile, you know) day after day while having a different look. This is especially true when I'm in Ethiopia and the good news is, scarves are easily accessible to buy in Ethiopia. The bad news is that my scarf addition can't be fueled, then, when I'm here in the States. I'm always surprised at how much scarves seem to cost and of course I would prefer to support fair trade companies, but I'm trying to save for an adoption, too. That typically leaves me in a dilemma.

Until I came across fashionABLE. I don't remember how I stumbled on them, but they sell scarves made by Ethiopia artisans that are so beautiful and versatile. As with many fair trade companies, they have a great business model that they call a Transformative Cycle. You should hop over and see for yourself what I mean.

I have my eye on these gems right now.

Which do you like? Are you a scarf-wearer like me?


  1. i am! i'm a scarf junkie! i took your advice and went with tshirts and scarves for our court trip and it was right on. ALL the ladies were wearing scarves.

  2. I love them both! I have SO many scarfs, I think I am a scarf lover also. I need ideas on how to wear them in the summer.