Monday, August 27, 2012

New Week, New Family

Good morning, guys! It's our first day back to school and it's utter chaos this morning! How about you? Did you guys go back today or have you already been back?

Let's unwind with a new family of the week, shall we? This week we are supporting Debbie Shingle, who found herself ready to start over when her adult children left the nest. Since then, she has adopted two little boys and now is in the final stages of bringing home two more little girls. Her daughter, Kathy, has been so sweet to get her mom nominated for Give1 and keep me updated on the process. Here's a little note she wrote you guys:

Our family can't thank the Give1Save1 family enough for choosing us as a feature family.  We covet your prayers, and value and appreciate every donation that is made to our family this week!  We are excited to share that the adoption has advanced since the video was made.  The wait now is just for Embassy dates for travel! In addition, we were blessed with updated photos of the girls (taken just this week!) and just had to share with you as you become a part of our journey!!!

While we are amazed and overwhelmed with how beautiful the girls are, we are also struggling with the reality of the life they are living.  The picture below (not for the squeemish) is of our sweet B's feet. Both girls are affected by jiggers with severe infections for both of them.  Would you join us in praying for a speedy homecoming so the girls feet issues can be addressed.  In the meantime, we also appreciate your prayers for their comfort and for no impairment to their ability to walk.

So, guys, you know the drill. Let's really bless this mama and her family. And let's remember to specifically pray for healing in B's feet. 

***So far Debbie has received $0 towards the girls' adoption***

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