Friday, August 10, 2012

We're Home. Round One.

While I'm anxiously awaiting the post entitled 'We're home. Round Two', today is not that post. But we're almost there. So we've had a baby this week. Would you like to meet him? You've waited long enough!

This is Judah Tegegn Cupitt. We call him Jude.

Obviously he has the most amazing eyelashes I've ever seen. Those are real. And his mouth is adorable. He's just too cute for words. I'm thinking his hair has some serious 'fro potential, which I'm stoked about. (Chrissy, I actually took Babycakes to an orphanage. Yes, I did. I am that person. And you were right, the mint is the best. I'm totally going to have to order again!)

The trip was amazing. There is so much about adoption that is just so different, but it was so neat. We made lifelong buddies with our suite mates. We are so antisocial I thought having suite mates would be torture, but guess what? They are too! So we totally hit it off.

I got to meet so many people that I only knew online. Wynne came out and took our pics. We were hanging with the Vermes and the Krohns and even bumped into Jenna. Worlds collide.

Ok, ready for my favorite things about Africa?

  • man snuggling: it's so funny and it just never got old for me. The guys there hold hands, put their arms around each other when they're walking around, and there was even some gentle caressing. I was dying. You can tell me it's cultural, you can tell me to grow up, but I can't do it. It's just so funny! If my husband tried that on his best friend in Texas...
  • donkeys! What's my damage with donkeys? I have no idea! But the traffic in Addis is insane!!! And who gets the right of way? Whoever was there first? Um... no. Pedestrians? Yeah, right. Good luck. Nope, donkeys can maneuver and tear up the roads. Again, never got old. And I never got a decent picture! There was this painting that I wanted so bad with this donkey and all these blue VW vans in the background. (Hint hint, honey. For next time. You read me?
  • doro wot: this is confusing. They write in Amharic, which you can't read, right? Then they spell it out in English. But it's written Doro Wot. But if you say 'doro wot' they act like you're an alien. So, instead, say 'doro wet' and it'll all be ok. Why don't they just write 'wet' if they want you to say it like that? I don't know. 
  • I really loved the weather. Right now it's their rainy season and it's like Texas winter. I totally didn't get how cold it would be. A cardigan is not enough. But boots are a good thing. All the ladies there are wearing skinny jeans, fashion boots, tshirts, and scarves. Did you see that post Kelly did yesterday on the FashionABLE scarves? Yeah, you'll need one of those. 
Worst thing about Ethiopia: public humiliation by way of dancing and (I seriously kid you not) piggyback ride in front of like 300 people. I almost broke a skinny man. Chubby white girls worst nightmare! It really doesn't get worse than that. Can you seriously think of anything worse than wearing a cape and a hijab and riding on the back of a tiny Ethiopian man through a crowd of hundreds? I dare you to think of something. So though I may have enjoyed Ethiopia, I'm thoroughly convinced that Ethiopia hates me. (PS. If you are one of the many people with video footage of this tragic event, please oh please, never let me see it. Or my good friend, Destiny. I'll never hear the end of it as it is.

So that's the recap. I can't wait to bring this little man home. It's still quite surreal that he's ours. Anyhoo, have a good weekend. Don't forget to donate to the Phillips before their week runs out. I'm off to do it. I love you guys. 


  1. Oh my... what a HANDSOME little guy!!! I'll be praying for a speedy home coming for you guys and the rest of the Give1 families! How in the world do you see all your friends in another country? That's so fabulous.

  2. He's so adorable Beth -been praying for you and will continue to do so!

  3. As much fun and an adventure that it sounds like your trip was (and oh how I loved your recap!)...that little man....he's stealing the show. My GOODNESS he's beautiful! What a lucky family you all are to have each other. Can't wait to see more pics after he comes home! I'm in love.

    Melanie from My Billie

  4. BETH!!!!!! Why did I not realize that you were about to go meet your little man?? How amazing!!! So excited for you!! It is different, definitely different. Did you see any naked ethiopian men in downtown addis? I saw two... :)

    1. It happened super fast. He was off the WCL and had some medical needs so they expedited his case. We're hoping for a expedited embassy appt too! Naked men... not fully, but LOTS of peeing in the street.