Thursday, August 30, 2012

SHONA - Crafts from the Congo

Hey friends! Lindsay here, from the Give1Save1 Caribbean site. I asked Beth if I could write a guest post about an amazing organization of which I was recently made aware. She happily obliged.
My husband and I have been in process to adopt from Congo for over a year now.  Although we have yet to travel to DRC, we've fallen in  love the beautiful country and the people. It's really exciting when we hear of organizations in Congo that promote real change in the lives of the Congolese. That is exactly the mission of SHONA - Crafts from the Congo.

SHONA - Crafts from the Congo

SHONA is a small, grass-roots organization dedicated to empowering handicapped people in Congo, primarily women. We have no outside funding and no paid staff.

Mapendo, Riziki, Dawn, Solange, Argentine
SHONA was started by an American, Dawn (pictured above), who after living in Goma, Congo for 3 years was overwhelmed by the level of poverty there.
After listening to the strong desire for reliable and dignified work, she bought a sewing machine, and worked with a few neighbors to discover whether it would be possible to sew simple bags and sell them in the US. SHONA started with those few seeds, but quickly became a small group of talented young women, who live with physical disabilities but also with incredible joy and determination.

When you visit the SHONA online store you will see quality crafts made in Goma, Congo. Not only are the products beautiful, but 100% of estimated profits go directly to the disabled artisans who create them. How cool to know that the cute doll or skirt you purchase is providing opportunities for real change in the lives of those who created those products.
And if that's not enough to inspire you to check out SHONA, just take a look at a couple of very satisfied (and very cute) customers!
Adorable Andrew in his Dashiki
It's serious work being this cute

     Sweet  Tshala wearing her Dashiki on DRC Independence day this year

And just recently available for pre-order is this adorable Solange mini-doll. Part of the purchase will be used to help a Congolese woman, Solange care for the 5 young children who have recently come to live in her home.  Their father, a close and beloved relative of Solange, was just killed and they have no other means of support.
The Solange mini doll is now available for pre-order
                          Check out the SHONA online store to see all the amazing products.
Be sure to like SHONA Congo on Facebook as well.

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  1. Thanks, Lindsay. We are also adopting from DRC (waiting for a referral right now). Its so great to learn about this organization!