Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates Galore!!!

How about some updates for ya?! Yes, let's see what's going on in the world of some of our past families...

Last weeks' family, the Camerons closed out the week with a total of $1,705. Nice work, y'all! This week's family, the Dinsmores are up to $1044!

The Hapners are on their way to pick up Moses!

The Krohns (left, below) brought Nahome home, and became Isaiah's parents. The Vermes (below right) passed court with Maya and are waiting for Embassy clearance.

And the Tenges, too. 

And the Braniffs brought home Noah! Check out this slideshow if you feel like happy crying this morning. 

So that, my friends, is what your dollar bills are up to. That feels good, doesn't it?! Look at all those smiles. You're a part of something big and awesome. If you'd like to give to this weeks' family, then here ya go...

See ya tomorrow!

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