Monday, August 20, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey guys, happy Monday!!! Ready to do our Monday thing?! Let's do it.

This week we'll be blessing the Dinsmore family. Mom, Lara, has a little adoption blog you may have heard of... The Farmers Wife Tells All. If you're not already following that one (I'm sure you are), head over to follow the whole story as it unfolds. Lara's even been sweet enough to do a wonderful guest post early this year for us (check it out if you missed it). Last year the Dinsmores adopted Ambrose from Uganda, and now they are headed back to adopt a sweet 8 year old girl named Mary. Here's that story:

And here's a word from Mom: 
We are a family of five; a mom and dad, five year old "twin" boys and
a two year old girl. Our younger 5 year old, Ambrose, came to us
through African adoption last year and has been such a joy to our
family ever since. We are so grateful to call him our son. Through his
adoption we have come to know the redemption God offers in such a very
real way.

After completing our first adoption, we knew our family was not done
expanding. Our children were eager for us to adopt again and even
asked for an older sibling. Each night they would include this special
request in their prayers; that God would let us bring home a "big
brother or sister." Just a couple of months ago, we learned about an 8
year old little girl waiting for her family in our son's country. What
struck us first about her was her name, Mary. You see, we had always
hoped to name one of our daughters Mary. The more we learned about her
story, we knew she would be our daughter! We are now prayerfully
anticipating her arrival.

Let's see what we can do to help out this week! Donate your dollar (or more, whatever you feel led to do) by clicking that orange DONATE button up there. All donations are tax deductible through that link to Mary's Project Hopeful account. 

***So far you guys have blessed the Dinsmores with $418!***

And how about a GIVEAWAY?! Leave me a comment after you donate and you'll be entered to win one of our new Tshirts! If you already paid you'll get a refund or an additional tee! 


  1. gave! I love the Dinsmores!

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  3. Done! Love what they are doing and love your new shirts!!!!

  4. So happy to give to this wonderful family! The new shirts are pretty wonderful, too :)

  5. I gave! Love this family and so excited for them! And those t-shirts are super adorable! (

  6. Just donated...awesome story...

  7. donated.
    love the dinsmore family...and beyond excited for mary to come HOME!
    can't wait for an updated total.
    praying BIG things through give1save1!!

  8. donated.
    love the dinsmore family...and am beyond excited to see mary come HOME!
    can't wait for an update.
    praying BIG things through give1save1!!

  9. Just sent in a donation. Only wish it could be much, much all that they need!

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  11. Sending our love and prayers and gift from El Paso, TX. Love Cory and Emily Gadra (aka Emily Renfro).