Thursday, August 16, 2012

OK, OK, I hear ya!!!

I have heard your cry for T-shirts! It's happening! I've placed the order for a bunch of these cute shirts. I have a shirt like this and I love it. Let me tell you a little about it. This one is charcoal gray. It's very feminine, but not super snug. It's kind of drapey, flowy. Perfect for wearing with jeans, a thin tank underneath, and some fall boots. That's how I'll be wearing mine anyway. I'm featuring the give1 logo and that's it. I was going for simplicity on this one.

They are pretty true to size, but like I said, drapey, so it sort of depends how you want to wear it. I adore mine, but I will say that they are a tad low cut when you bend over and stuff like that, so I wear mine in layers with a tank underneath. To help you figure sizes, I'm broadcasting myself in all my glory. I'm a size 8 and a medium usually, and I own the medium in this one. I am going for a large this time though, because I like really loose tees with my skinny jeans during the fall and I'm pretending like it's about to be fall.

I am selling them for $25 shipped through this Storenvy site. Just for transparency, I'll let you know that all the money goes straight to our bank account. Believe me, I'm super tired of fundraising, but the awesome new website (hint: click on 'back to the map' over there at the top of your sidebar. there's a starbucks giveaway on the asia blog today) is insanely awesome and I paid for all of the sites and logos and splash page and all that myself. We don't advertise and we don't get paid in any way, and I've recently dropped some serious dough on our adoption and all the new sites and I'm in the red. So the t-shirts are just a way to recoup some of that. Not high pressure at all though. I promise to not blow up Facebook with sales pitches 5x a day everyday! They are in production right now and I'm guessing they'll be headed your way in about 2 weeks. I'm super looking forward to it!!!

And on a somewhat different topic, check out the pics Wynne took while we were in Ethiopia!

Could you just eat him up?! One week and two days in the worst wait yet, and I can almost smell him. 


  1. Beth I love them!! Can't wait til I get mine : ) And that sweet precious baby boy is so freaking beautiful. Or handsome. You know what I'm saying! You guys look goooood together! Can't wait for a million family pics!

  2. Your little guy is just so precious. And I'm so excited for my shirt!!! So happy to be able to support you and beautify my closet at the same time! :)

  3. Wynn take these? Great job girl!!! These are precious. I know we won't be able to meet him for awhile....the while bonding issue. But I'm so anxious to meet this sweet baby :) Beautiful!!!!

  4. He is a precious sweetheart. I can't wait to meet him in person!

  5. Love the shirt! I just saw this today and ordered one. How long are they on sale for? I would love to repost this!

  6. hey kim! repost away! they are on sale until i run out of them. and then i might reorder, so no worries. thank you!!! :)