Wednesday, August 3, 2011

african kokeshi girls from artist stephanie fizer coleman

guys, i have so much to tell you and show you. i guess i should save some for other days. i'm just so excited about the buzz and generosity that you are offering. it's amazing to be a part of. enough mushy stuff. so, as you can see, this blog is quite new, but i have big plans for it. behind the scenes stuff that you'll see coming together in the coming days and weeks. one of my visions for this blog was to partner adopting families with a supportive artist or blogger (sometimes both) to make a big internet group hug. we all follow the mommy blogs, the craft blogs, the design blogs. well, it's time for worlds to collide! i LOVE it! well we cheated a little and got two supporting artists. two heroes of mine, actually. you've already seen the beautiful work that jessica rose of volume 25 did for the blog. she set the tone for the look of the campaign and of course it's flawless. you've been pinning and posting away (thanks) and today i am pleased to show you what the fabulous stephanie fizer coleman created in honor of the two girls we hope to bring home. i love love love her kokeshi darling series. i know, so does everyone else. well, she made us two african kokeshi darlings. i love it. so, ladies, you know what to do. pin it, facebook, blog it. spread the word far and wide. if you haven't hit that donate button, come on! and thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, to my amazing supporting artists, jess and stephanie, for your beautiful work. if you are an artist and want to be paired with a family, email me at b.cupitt(at)yahoo(dot)com.

now about the two girls... there's so much to tell you. i want to tell you more about why we're deciding to go that route. i think maybe you'd go nuts reading all that in one day. so today let's keep it light and lovely. tomorrow i'll mess with your heart. you'll get to meet us a little more. see what we're about and how you can help us or the two girls whose names and faces are burned into my mind. another post. see you tomorrow.

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