Friday, August 12, 2011

be the good.

well, guys, it's been a good run with you these last two weeks! thanks for every dollar, every time you used that voice of yours to get the word out, and every prayer and comment. if you missed the boat on the cupitt family donation

and still want to pitch in, fear not. just zip on over to my poor neglected blog, artisticDomestic, and you'll find a button there always. that's just the thing with us adoptive mommies. we all have paypal buttons just chillin' there.

feel free to hit that sucker anytime. starting monday, though, the whitis family will be on the receiving end of THE DOLLAR BLAST!!! i'm ridiculously ecstatic about seeing this little blog accomplish big things and be a huge blessing. i'll see you next week. you can't get rid of me that easy! i'm still your trusty blogger host. adios, and have a good weekend!

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