Tuesday, August 2, 2011

wow, thanks, you guys.

so, last night i added that donate tab. all the hard work of the last couple of weeks comes down to this! yikes! i want to thank every single person that has anything to do with this campaign. it's been so neat getting to meet so many people and to have our family, and our future daughter's embraced by so many people. the donations have started coming in! seriously, thank you so much! our family's donate tab will be here for two weeks just because no one knows it exists yet, but on august 15th it will be the next family's turn. i'm still working on the details, but i'll introduce you as soon as i can. in the meantime, keep sharing you voice and your dollars. your facebook shout-outs are priceless. it's your own personal voice that makes this so successful, so if adoption is touching your heart, spread the word.

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