Monday, August 1, 2011

THIS child.

I Prayed for this Child Bible Verse Art Printthis week we took a big step towards our new family members. we were approved to join the Ethiopia program with America World. today we write a big whopper check, our first installment to the agency, and wait to be assigned a family coordinator. and that nice coordinator is going to give us access to the waiting child list. for those that don't know what that is, it's a photolisting of the children that are virtually unadoptable. they're all ready to go, but they might be too old for most people's liking. or they might have a special need. they might have a sibling. they are hard to place. but we really feel like OUR children are on that list. and i can't wait to see it. we have felt strongly led to two older girls. i say older, but i mean older than 5. 5 is the magic number. it's too old for most people. lucky for me, i love older kids. 14 is the age that they are when they have to leave the orphanage and fend for themselves. 70% of girls turn to prostitution. i can't bear it. and i have to save 1 from that fate. but i think i can manage 2. i just have a picture painted in my head and i know God is going to make this happen. maybe you can save 1. think about it. i don't think they'll be like american teenage girls, holding their breath until they get a cell phone. but even if they are, we'll see it through. i can't wait to lay eyes on them! once you see their faces and know their names they become real. a real child that's been waiting a long lonely time. i can't get to them fast enough!

today's artwork was provided by jodi of enduring arts. i love this one. you like it? you can buy one here.

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  1. So proud to beeper friend ... Love love love that you're doing this!