Thursday, August 4, 2011

meet the family you're supporting this week.

hey there, beth here. today is the start of a little regular occurance where you'll get to meet the family that you're helping out this week. it just so happens that i am also your bloggy host, so we'll actually be getting to know each other quite well beyond this week. well, this is us.

brandon is my husband. he's the calm one. extremely supportive. we had always vaguely talked about being 'open' to adoption, but never really committing to it. when i told him it was time it took him all of 24 hours to say ok. when i told him i wanted 2 he said ok. he's not even scared of preteen girls. he's so chill.

will is 6. check the dimple, crazy hair, and sprinkling of freckles! he loves hot wheels and water play of all kinds. he's the most passionate kid i've ever met. he feels emotions strongly. abby's your typical pink mermaid loving princess girl. she's not a snuggler. in fact she's recently discovered the joys of a good hug, but won't ask for one herself. she gets on her knees and acts like a cat and meows to be pet. kids are weird.

me, well, i'm beth. let's see... i'm a photographer. well, i was. i don't do alot of shooting for money these days. i used to be a killer boudoir photographer and had a huge and awesome client base. but then boudoir turned out to be not that family friendly as my son started getting too old for me to edit around. so i just started shooting fun stuff at the beach, but that doesn't really sell. but it does make me really happy, so i guess maybe photography is officially a hobby now. i love anything with sugar in it. i love blogs and blogging. i have a trail of dead blogs in my wake. i tend to be discouraged easily and one nasty comment had me abandon this one. it was even featured on ohdeedoh! but this blog right here is going to be different. this was supposed to be my fundraiser, but it's taken on a slightly different shape and now i'm so excited to be able to help other families as well. i can't wait for the word to get out about this thing. i'm committed to this blog no matter what happens. i've already endured plenty of rejection and hardship with this one, but i really felt like this is a project that God led me to do with my unique and bizarre skillset. oh, yeah, and i hope it doesn't bother you too much, but i talk about God alot. i love that guy! i know it's not cool to be a christian, but blogs are so personal, i might as well just fess up in the beginning. don't worry. i'm not too preachy or anything. but adoption is super close to God's heart, so it's hard to talk about charity and adoption without giving a shout-out!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for the orphan and widow in their time of distress. James 1:27

so that's us in a nutshell. i do hope you'll give us a dollar. that would be fantastic. but i really hope you'll give the next family a dollar. and the next one. man, wouldn't it be a blessing to be part of such a cool movement. i really can't wait to start bringing some of these kids home and getting to meet them!

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  1. Such an adorable family! 2 girls are going to be very lucky to join your family.
    Best of luck to you guys on your journey. Oh, and it's very cool to be a Christian! It's the best thing to be! ♥ Jodi