Monday, August 8, 2011

fantasies and realities.

hey all, happy monday. hope you had a good weekend. today i'm daydreaming bigtime. you want to know what i'm daydreaming about? shopping. i think this budget thing is starting to get to me. ok, that's part of it, but the other part is that i have this bizarre urge to spoil the new girls. more so than i ever wanted to spoil my biological children. i've always been cursed with really good (and expensive) taste and i guess my kids have always had nice things. but i have this feeling like when the girls get here i want to give them everything in abundance, everything they've never had. is that bad? it feels a little bad and a little justified. i don't know, that's just where i am. as for today, we'll just daydream and since it's a fake room made out of fake money i'll decorate it in all anthropologie, of course. look, i even made a pinboard.
and now for the reality part. i'm going to tell you where we are in our little process since you guys are going to see it unfold here as we go. the girls in my head do in fact have names and faces. i can't show you or tell you who they are (unless you are seriously interested in adopting them, then email me and we'll talk), but i'll tell you how i found them and how they shaped my heart. i saw a picture of them on a blog. their faces were blocked out but there story was told. they are thought to be 7 and 11 but could be as old as 9 and 13. they've been in the orphanage for a very long time and they cry and cry when someone comes to pick up their kids. they've never been picked. and they're old enough to know what they're missing and they know their likely fate. at 14 they age out of the system and the older sister will have to leave. 70% of those girls are forced into prostitution to survive. when i saw them i just wanted to scoop them up and get them out of there. but there are realities and obstacles. they are not likely to be on our agency's waiting child list. we can't seem to talk ourselves into switching to their agency. i don't know what will happen to them. if the oldest may be 13, well then her time is running out. i don't know who i have to talk to to think she may be 11 and give her a few more years. so we were touched by these girls and if it's God's will he knows how to make it happen. but it's likely not these girls. this week we'll be able to view the waiting child list with our agency and nothing would make me happier than seeing them. if not, i'm sure there are a million little girls just like them that need to get out quick too. so that's what we're doing this week. if you're the praying type, please say a little prayer for those girls. all of them. and that we might be led to the one that will live here. in anthropologie style, no doubt. well maybe IKEA. :)

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