Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a little interruption.

you guys, i am so sorry, but i have to take a teeny break for a couple of days. my sweet little abby just got out of the hospital. this afternoon i was baking cookies and had a candle burning. totally relishing in the cheesiest variety of mommy smugness. i was even wearing an apron. and then i hear abby screaming. she's climbed up on the kitchen counter to get to the cookies that were cooling and her long hair caught fire. by the time i turned around i saw my toddler's head on fire. i can't tell you what that does to a mom. we went to the hospital and she's got first and second degree burns on her face and ear. but it wasn't a big big deal. they released us and we're going to shriner's tomorrow to see a specialist. she's feeling ok. hopped up on morphine and sporting a mean mullet. so that's what i'll be doing this week. please pray for us. i know burns are supposed to be the worst pain ever.

anyhoo, i'm supposed to be drawing attention to the kingsbury family, and now i've got to take a few days off. so cover for my inadequate blogging and make sure they get their dollar this week so i don't feel so guilty, ok?! i'll keep you posted on what's going on as it develops. thanks for your patience. i'll be back in a few days once i get girly sorted out.


  1. Oh Beth, I am so sorry! I can only imagine the gut-wrenching heart-aching pain of what you and Abby endured today. I will pray for rest for you and healing for Abby. You are in my prayers!

  2. All Glory to our Great Big Beautiful God!!! Abby sleeping and resting comfortably is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Lord! Love you guys, Mom

  3. Beth I am so so so sorry to hear about beautiful baby girl. I will be praying for your family. God will help you get through this awful time. I know you know that.

    Peace to you and your family.
    The Gehrkes

  4. I was just sick about Abby last night. It made me feel better to see her and know she will be ok. She will get better because she is going to have a lot of prayers. There will be bumps in the road when you are trying to help others such as this blog but God will take care of your little family. Love Destiny

  5. Oh Beth! so sorry to hear that! I'll be praying for your sweet Abby!