Friday, August 5, 2011

just one.

hey everybody, i just wanted to pop in and tell you how it's all going. this week we've managed to raise almost $500! that's a big bite out of our expenses. thank you! i've had alot of people be shocked about how much international adoption costs, but rest assured every penny is accounted for. i'm pretty sure nobody is getting wildly rich. here's a breakdown of our agency's costs. it's pretty reasonable. if you're thinking of adopting and finances are holding you up, please email me.

right now there are well over 147 MILLION known orphans in the world. how do you reach them all?! 1 at a time. if adoption is something you've always thought about, please think hard about the timing. if there is a little voice urging you to pursue that, please please look into it. the wait time for a newborn in ethiopia is hovering at several years now. but older children (and when i say older i mean 2 years old or older) are desperate for mommies too. once they turn 5 they are unlikely to be adopted at all. and in this mommy's opinion 5 is when it starts getting good!




  1. Beth, I was telling our church prayer group about your site this week and someone asked if they could donate frequent flier miles. They travel abroad quite a bit so I'm sure they have international points that you could use if they agency allows that. Just let me know.

  2. i will check with our coordinator. our agency handles our traveling, but that would be amazing. the traveling is the most expensive part!