Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ErgoBaby + Every Mother Counts

Today I wanted to share a bit about a cool little collaboration. Yep, that's Christy Turlington. She heads up an organization called Every Mother Counts and it's main purpose is to spread awareness and help find solutions for preventable pregnancy related deaths. Obviously this is a cause near and dear to us as it's possible that that's what orphaned my own son. I love adoption, but orphan prevention is what gets my heart beating. A super simple way to help out is to buy your baby carrier through the Every Mother Counts line by Ergobaby. We use our Ergo for hours a day (literally). In Adoption Land you get bonus points for wearing your baby all day long, and the Ergo is truly the most comfortable one we've found. So if you're in the market (you can carry a teenager in these, y'all), why not buy this particular one? A portion of the proceeds go to this awesome cause. Plus it features this cool African batik print. Even a husband could wear that and pull it off.


  1. Glad to see you are doing this! She has a beautiful mission.

  2. We LOVE our Ergo and use it often to child-wear our non-walking special needs child who is 40lbs. It's great for bonding and for comforting our son! Highly recommend it.

  3. Oh man! Makes me wish I had a little one!