Thursday, October 4, 2012

once was lost

Through the adoption process we have come to realize that there are a limited amount of fundraising resources for Canadians (Give1Save1 is one of the only American resources I know of that accepts Canadian families working through Canadian agencies -bonus!) . Since the very start of our adoption we knew we wanted to figure out a way to help others fundraise for their adoptions and last month we officially launched our idea.
Insert drum roll here . . .
We have opened up a store on Storenvy where we will be selling t-shirts, bags, and pillowcases (as well as other products over time) with 50% of each purchase going to our affiliates who are families currently in the adoption process. 
It is definitely not an original idea, but it has proven to be an effective one. Everyone needs to buy clothes, why not buy ones that make a difference?
How can you help? Well, I’m so glad you asked!
    1. Since we have just opened this shop up we are currently looking for Canadian and American families in the adoption process that would be interested in signing up as affiliates, so if that is you, or you know someone who falls in that category get them to contact us ( and we can set them up.
    2. Place an order -if you know the name of an affiliate place their name in the notes to seller section when checking out, if you don’t know anyone signed up but still want to help just leave the notes to seller box empty and we will split the money between our current affiliates
    3. Design/Quote/Verse ideas: we are hoping to add more designs over time and would love your input!
For those who are wondering what happens to the other 50% of the money . . . part of it will be used to cover expenses and then any money left over will be used for adoption grants in the future.
Feel free to check out the shop and we would love it if you would place an order to help some families out. Here are a few of our current best sellers:

We plan on releasing new product lines every month starting November 1st, join us on Facebook to stay up to date!