Monday, October 15, 2012

New Week - The Seitz Family

Good morning guys! You ready to say hello to our new family of the week? You'll love these two!  Their adoption announcement is one my favorite videos ever, but currently a little inaccurate... You see, when they made this video they thought only one little zebra would be joining the family, but as it turns out, they're twins! 6 month old baby boys! Congratulations, Seitz family!

Not only are the Seitz ridiculously charming and creative, but Natalie (mom) has a gorgeous blog called Little Things Big Stuff. Check it out. And they're fundraiser T-shirts are killer! I'll be buying one today!

You know what to do! Pound that donate button. We'll keep up with totals on the 'Cool Links' button over on your left, OK? Let's see what we can do this week! GO!!!


  1. The shirts are fantastic and are great for anyone who's considering adopting or even who have already adopted. Check 'em out!

  2. Donated...visited your cool blog, too!! Congrats!:)

  3. This video was adorable. I will be following their blog. I donated what I could :)