Monday, October 1, 2012

New Week - The Cash Family

Hey guys,

So we did it! It's done. He's here. Here's little Mr. Jude in our actual backyard last night.

He's enjoying life and having a good time. Like, all the time. He's so happy! His doctor said "he's a very joyful child". That was an understatement. But I'll tell you all about him later this week. You've got forever to get to know him now. Today we're chatting about the Cash family.

This particular family is extremely close to my heart. They are sweet as can be, but what made me seek them out to offer them a week was who they are adopting. While we were in Ethiopia we met a beautiful teenaged girl that we just fell in love with. Like, really loved her. She has a little brother and sister who were just cute as can be. She was in the transition home, which usually means that they are already adopted, just finishing up their wait, but at the time, she didn't know it. She was really sad about it, but put up a good front. We left in tears because you could just tell that she wanted a family so bad, and it was just heartbreaking. We went home and inquired about her and were told that she did have a family, and by that time she had been notified of that. The family that was adopting them had sponsored  them and been arranging this adoption for years. Pulling strings and moving mountains and she had no idea. It's a beautiful story that makes me cry every time I tell it (or write it). Someday she'll be able to wrap her head around what God has been orchestrating for a very long time. And if that didn't make you cry, just head over to the Andersons (last weeks' family) grand total video. That'll surely wreck you first thing in the morning. So, anyhoo, look at this family! They are amazing! Let's give them lots of money, ok?! Seriously, their teenagers danced on camera for y'all!


  1. Oh my! How precious is this family?!! Going to donate.

  2. Can I just say how HAPPY I am that we got to share this week with your sweet JUDE's debut HOME with his family?!?!?! :) What an honor. He is such the handsome little man. Thanks so much for everything Beth!

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Looooove the Cash Family!!!!

  4. Love the video and love your family! Especially the new and improved... and enlarged version!!

    God's blessings on your journey!!

  5. LOVED the video! Love you guys! Can't wait to see the precious faces of your newest kiddos!! So awesome! (Can I just say - you are my heroes!)

    Lori :)