Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Girl Graduated!!!

You guys, it's been a while since we helped sponsor Asha so she could go to sewing school. But she's done it. She's graduated!!! Today the Noonday and Matilda Jane collaboration is debuting! If you are looking for some great Christmas presents, why not stop by and see what the girls have made. I'll definitely be supporting the cause so they keep making more!!!

I cried like a goofball when I watched this because we got to play a part in starting this. And we can continue to show our support by shopping their line. It's not much of a sacrifice! The merchandise is amazing!!! 

{Jennifer's Apron, (soon to be Beth's apron), $38}

Thanks to everyone that donated a dollar or more to Asha's education. Her future is indeed looking beautiful and hopeful. 

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