Monday, October 22, 2012

New Week - The Scott Family

Happy Monday, you guys. I hope you are enjoying some fall weather where you are! We spent the weekend in the backyard mostly. We got Jude one of those little swings that looks like a plane, and Will and Abby take turns pushing him. It's awesome. He is really loving his brother and sister these days. I'm always saying "Stop! That's too loud!" or "No! That's too rough. He's only a baby!" But then he busts out laughing so hard. I always forget he loves to play rough!

Now let's get on to the family of the week, shall we? Say hello to the Scott Family. They are adopting an infant or toddler from Ethiopia. I'll let them tell you a bit of their story:

Now, you guys know the drill! Let's do what we do here every week. Let's slam that Donate button and help this family out! 

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  1. OH my! I love this family. Your gals are so precious. I love listening to youth talk about the things of God!!