Tuesday, October 2, 2012

White Arrow Collection

You guys, let's talk shopping. It's time. It's October, which is almost November, which is almost December and now we can't deny that we're going to have to make some purchasing decisions soon. We've got a plan of action. We've been scaling Christmas gifts way back for the last few years and it's a change I want to keep up. So here are this year's tweaks:

*Most of my Christmas presents will benefit someone besides Target.
*We'll be focusing VERY heavily on the Christmas story. My oldest two are old enough to process more of that. It'll still be fun and cute though.

Anyhoo, lucky for me I've got Sseko up my sleeve to help me out with my first resolution. They just came out with their White Arrow Collection yesterday and it made me actually gasp out loud.

See that bottom right one? Yeah, it's mine. Going into my little Sseko clutch collection. And I better get one for somebody else on my list too, huh? 

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