Thursday, April 4, 2013

Adoption Showers

Hey there guys, so I figured I'd give you a little glimpse into our personal life since you don't know all that much about me and then it'll make it easier to understand this specific post. So, my husband and I are in the process of two adoptions at once, one from Ethiopia and one from West Africa.  We hope to have our guy home from West Africa the end of this summer or sometime this fall, but lets be honest I'm praying my guts out it'll be August-ish.  So, our first little guy, he's about 3. He'll be our first child, so of course my family and our friends are over the moon excited (and well we are too!) and everyone keeps asking us about when we're going to have a baby shower.


Well, he's not really a baby...he's a toddler, like an older toddler.. And in all honestly I don't even know what we'd need..well that's not all that true I know we need a car seat. Here in California kids practically need to be in a car seat until they're 18 (not really, but like they have to be pretty big to get out of it) And in all honestly I was kind of embarrassed.  Like, my biggest thing right now is to get him home! I don't really want to ooo and aaa over cute onesises (and hes too big for those anyway) And I'm awkward to have a shower like, 1. I'm not pregnant and 2. I've never been to a shower where the mom isn't physically pregnant and you won't be able to play that weird "guess how big you are with toilet paper game" (ok I do like that game but do not want people ever assuming my size)

Rabbit trail

Enter...adoption showers

My sister is moving to England the end of May, and she desperately wanted to throw us a shower before she leaves and so I caved and said sure, not knowing what we'd do or what it would look like, and you know what? It's been a really great way to get people involved in our story and a simple and easy way to educate people on what our life might look like when he gets home.

So I got on Pinterest and started looking for ideas. I knew that I wanted both my hubs and I present and I wanted families to come too, and I wanted it to be chill and a time for people to ask questions and a time where we can thank those who have been involved in our journey so far.  I wanted to make it as least awkward as possible haha.

I knew I wanted information about his birth country so people can get to know where he's coming from.

So I sent my sister all my ideas and she's been hard at work! It's funny, a long time ago I thought I'd be so fun to have people dote over me and my belly and look at ultra sound pictures and all that jazz at a baby shower, but I am SO excited to share with those who have walked beside us and those who will forever be a part of our little guys story.

So, we made a wish list of a few things we knew we'd need. We asked for no clothing because we have no idea what size he'll be, we asked for some necessities and we are asking that people bring books to donate to his orphanages since we know they need and want books for the kids.

And you know, it's just a really fun way to keep people involved and let them bless you, sometimes I need to be ok with that.

Here's some inspiration for ya, courtesy of Pinterest 

How are you prepping for your new kiddos?


  1. oh my word!!! What a gorgeous, perfect shower!!! I LOVE the details...the globe cake balls, oh my! SO sweet!!!

  2. We had a shower 2 weekends ago and it was fun! It was a little weird not being pregnant, but people want to be involved. So, register for what you need and enjoy!

  3. I love that you did a blog post as this is something that we too have struggled with. I have been to adoption showers before but they have always been for infant adoptions. I like the idea of being able to share with everyone who has been in the journey and just talk about the journey. Thanks for the cute ideas!

  4. I love this post! I've also had a hard time deciding if I want an adoption/baby shower. I've been to so many baby showers in the last year for pregnant people, so it feels a little weird to have one when I am not pregnant. I love your ideas and think it is a great idea to have a coed shower!