Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Camp + Asher's Room

Hey yall, it's me Wynne!  I am excited to continue Beth's series about babies rooms with inviting you into Camp + Asher's room!  [I've been meaning to take these pictures for a I'm thankful for the kick in the butt to do it!]  Welcome!

Welcome to Camp + Asher's room!  This room was such a labor of love ;)  It was our former office, and acutally the day we accepted Camp's referral I was painting it to turn it into a prayer room!  But it was just too fiting that the room I spent many nights on my knees in prayer for our kiddos become their room.  The rug (in the pics of C+A) was something I picked out along before we knew who C+A were.  I thought maybe it was "too girly" for Camp but when Asher came along I knew it was perfect.  Since they share a room, I love that the color palet on the walls & their bedding is totally gender nuteral.  Grey & yellow.  Their bedding is the same fabric but just switched up a bit to make it look different and our color scheme really carries all the way through.  The baby shower's colors were grey & yellow (post here) and a lot of the decor in their room was from the shower - my bestie Jenna made the cute name banners, the pom's hung from the celing are from the shower too.  

Most everything else in their room has a story to tell and that's what makes me love it so much.  The number balls on the book shelf are from Ethiopia.  Alison brought them that cute grey + yellow bowl from Rwanda.  Beth painted the beautiful girl in the corner.  Camp's mobile is from my first time to Rwanda.  The pillows on the chair are from the t-shirts we made for them while we were fundraising them home.  And really the list goes on of beautiful things my friends painted/made/brought home them with love!  Their room is a sanctuary [well, except while they are screaming while they are supposed to be napping....] and I love every detail!  

Camp and Asher are sure glad you stopped by! Come visit us over at Gloriously Ruined.


  1. I had never thought about making the fundraiser shirts into pillows - I'm totally stealing that idea!!


    1. me too! that's pretty cool, w!

    2. I too, will be barrowing this idea ;)

    3. Hmmm, you could also frame them on a have my creative juices flowing... Wish all of my shirts weren't brown!