Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rice and Beans month...the impact...

Hey guys,
So remember a while back when Beth wrote about Rice and Beans Month? I know some of you that participated (or attempted and that's awesome too!)

Anyway, I have some friends who are missionaries in Uganda right now and over on their blog they posted some pictures of the impact that Rice and Beans Month had in the community they serve in...

I was reading on the Rice and Beans Facebook page that so far the giving total is $6,475!!!
And that money will go directly towards the agriculture and farming program in Uganda!

Make sure you check our Rick and Haley's blog to see more about what Lahash is doing in Northern Uganda

So, did you participate in Rice and Beans month? Tell us about it! 

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  1. Oh, my gosh! It was intense. I made it two weeks. Brandon made it the whole time. In fact, he wishes it was always R&B month.