Monday, April 8, 2013

Meet this week's family!

Hey guys,
I have the sweetest family to introduce you to, meet The Siebs...

How amazingly sweet is this video! Goodness you all are getting so creative! Anywho, they're waiting for a referral of a little girl form Ethiopia! So, can you help them get a little closer to their little girl? Maybe give a $1, or $2 or more! 

So far you guys have raised $1,410 for the Siebs


  1. Thanks G1S1, for helping my future granddaughter!

  2. I cannot think of a more perfect family to adopt a little one- beautiful INSIDE and OUT.

  3. So blessed to be joining such a beautiful family willing to travel the long road of adoption! Thanks G1S1 for your help! Can't wait to see that little girl!

  4. I love this family! Thank you G1S1!