Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rwanda Recap with Noonday

Hey guys,
So I got back from Rwanda on Friday night, it was amazing. I'll sum it up for you all someday, but today I wanna tell you about the day I met the women who work for Noonday Collection in Rwanda.  I've been working with Noonday for almost a year, and for a year I've been going to trunk shows and sharing stories of these amazing women.

So, Friday morning my friends and I (who are photographers and were coming to take some pics for Noonday) ventured out into the city of Kigali to go and meet these amazing women at their co-op.

I remember walking into the room where they were working and seeing these faces that I saw in the catalog, the faces that are on the website with their stories below. It was amazing! One thing that I felt kind of silly about was that they were working with sewing machines that I used in my house as decoration, you know those old school ones where you use your foot to power them? yeah, those ones.

I have a few pics (sorry for the cell phone quality, I can't make them bigger, ugh) that I snapped while I was there, and I was so focused on talking with them I forgot to snap one of us together! Boo! Oh well here's a couple, you might even spot a piece of two you own!

This one is my favorite, they were kissing the pages! They love seeing people wearing their items!

And here's our own Beth, sporting some awesome Noonday herself!

Beth is wearing the Sunshower Earrings, made in India.  The great thing about Noonday pieces is that each piece tells a story-wear their story-share their story!

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