Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ok paperchasers, this one's for you!

Ok, so we have had lots of inquires about being featured families! Hooray! So, if you've been featured in the past you know that you used to email us and we sent you an app, you filled t out and sent it back with your video and such, right?

Well, here's some new an exciting news.

Now, you just go to over to Pure Charity and click our awesome little Give1 Button and you can get all set up there! And then we get notified when you get your account all figured out and ready and then we'll contact you with a date.  As usual, if you guys have any questions you can totally email us!

So, if you've read up on Pure Charity at all (and if you haven't you should!) you'll know that the funds get distributed to your agency, which is great, but that also means that you need to make sure you have some agency fees to raise money for! :) Some agencies include travel in their fees and some don't, so make sure you check up on that when you're getting ready to apply. So, are you paper chasing?! This is great for you! You can maybe fundraise for that hefty dossier payment! (we all know how awesome it finally feels to get that dossier sent off)

So, paper chasers! We want you! Make sure you get your tush over there and sign up with us at Pure Charity! 

Just make sure you go over there! Go! Go! 

And have a fantastic Tuesday loves!


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  2. I think this does make the process streamlined, but it is frustrating that purecharity takes 5% (which is more than Paypal!!). Your blog is so inspiring though, and I am so excited to be following along with the featured families and hope to be a featured family some day!