Friday, April 5, 2013

...and 6 months went by

Wow. Has it really been six months? On the front end of this adoption thing, six months was a really long time. Like time crawling kind of stuff. But now he's home and you know what they say... the days are long but the years are short. I can see that.

So in a nutshell Little Mister is adjusting really well. Attachment is not nearly the issue I thought it would be. He's attached. Check that box. Healthwise, you guys know the he had brain atrophy and some serious delays in the physical department. He's still a couple months behind the norm, but he's showing that he'll catch up. He even starting taking a few steps and walking with a little walker today! 

Likes: His people, snacks, and his green blanket.
Dislikes: Getting dressed

Here's a super casual peek into our day...

It was fun chasing him around with that camera. And it was grueling making that mediocre video. Sorry you guys have to do videos on Give1Save1!!! That bites! Ha! :)


  1. oh my goodness sooo precious! (I may or may not have cried a little) After you did you post awhile back about kiddos on waiting child lists, we accepted a little baby (7 mo) from one. Your post then was exactly what we needed then...and this video was exactly what i needed today after seeing some worry-some pictures of our little guy!

    1. lynsey!!! i love that. yes, those pics can be scary, but those are just the befores. i can't wait to see your afters! :)

  2. Such a beautiful little boy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. He is so, so precious. The video brought tears to my eyes. Once an orphan, now so loved.

  4. oh beth, that makes me so happy. he looks so different from the photos of the start. thanks for sharing your journey with us!!

  5. Well that gave me happy tears! So glad to hear he's doing well. What a precious little doll.

  6. What a cutie! Your video was great. :)

  7. that is so cute! his little giggles!!! reminds me of my 2! wasn't that blanket at the end the one you brought when you met him? love that he loves it!!! so fun!