Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's talk quiet time...

Devos, devotionals, 1:1 time, quiet time, meditation, whatever you call it-it's important.  I think that all too often we find ourselves in the midst of a crazy busy life and sadly, sometimes Jesus takes the back burner.  It's not like we mean to put Him in the back though right? It just kind of happens, sometimes it just seems like the "easiest" thing to cut out in a day.  You've gotta get to the store right? And the kids, they need help with their homework and then there's dinner, baths, stories bed and then you're just plain exhausted!

I don't know about you, but I find myself in a super busy season of life, and knowing it's just going to get busier gives me more gray hairs. Yes,  a few months ago I began spotting some wise hairs (I heard them referred to as that once and I like the ring, so I'm gonna call them my wise hairs) but you know when I'm able to get some time away with Jesus, just Him and me-the busy doesn't seem as busy and the stress doesn't seem that bad.

I think sometimes we think we have to wake up at the crack of dawn for good quiet time, and if you're one of those people who do wake up, I give you major props because I'm just not a morning person..or a night person actually.  I'm a really good mid-day person though, so that's when I get some quality God time in, right smack dab in the middle of the day.  I turn on my current favorite Pandora station (Rend Collective Experiment) and pray, read my Bible, sometimes I read a specific book (I've got about 4 that I'm currently working on) I recently got done with the James study by Beth Moore and it was so awesome.  I'll be honest sometimes I'm not the biggest Beth Moore fan (side note: I'm sure she is an amazing person, I just have had a hard time following her studies sometimes) but James was amazing. I really recommend it.

Anyway, the point of this kind of chaotic post was basically to encourage all you mama's and mamas to be to make sure you're getting your Jesus time in, and to let you know that any time of the day that you spend with God is valuable, not just a certain hour.  We wanna know what you're reading, and if you're not, that's ok! Share what you want to start doing and how you think you'll accomplish it, we're in this together right? Sisters in Christ so we're here to encourage and build each other up.

Right now here's some of my recent faves:

And I really want this one, the 1,000 Gifts Devotional, anyone have it?

Ok mama's what are you reading? Or what are you going to start reading? 



  1. I am reading A Wife After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George. Love it! Also, I am reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. I have a bookshelf of to-read books!

  2. Have you ever heard of HelloMornings? It's a morning devotional/accountability community. Here's what they say...

    What is HelloMornings?
    "The HelloMornings Challenge was birthed to encourage Christian women toward the life-giving habit of waking up early."

    I am an accountability captain and have a few spots left in my twitter group (my twitter handle is @shellebo29 & our group hashtag is #HMC22). Would love to include a few more friends (=

    Check it out! hellomornings (dot) org